For family and extended family photo sessions I recommend you to pick 2 to 3 colors and play with it. It’s important to do different variations of the color scheme you chose. We photographers don’t recommend everyone wearing all the same colors because people tends to get lost and look all the same, remember that everyone is a single individual and I would like to capture your lifestyle and personality.

Fathers can wear one pop of color on top (the pants or short can be  neutral like jeans, beige or black), mothers a different color on top (pants,shorts or skirt neutral and pretty accessories) and the kids can wear both colors in a fun pattern like plaid, stripes or polka dots. It’s a good way of using 3 to 4 colors for a family.

Remember that feeling comfortable is always going to show confidence in your pictures.

I will be posting outfit pictures ideas for each season to help you in our photo shoot day!


Here’s a link of my pinterest board ”What to Wear” hope you enjoy:



Thank you and looking forward to see all my stylish beautiful clients!

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